・TV stand
・Floor cushion
・Interior supplies

Household appliances
・TV set
・Electric kettle
・Hot plate
・IH stove
・Vacuum cleaner
・Ceiling lighting
・Floor light

Projector supplies
・Projector body
・HDMI for Mac
・Extension cord

White board supplies


Kitchen tools
・One-handed pot
・Frying pan
・Fly return
・Kitchen knife
・Chopping board
・Kitchen scissors
・Vegetable ・chopsticks
・Measuring cup
・Measuring spoon
・Wine opener
・Wine cooler
・Ice bucket
・Takoyaki pig
・Monja Hera
・Earth pot

・Champagne glass(20pcs)
・wine glass(16pcs)
※Tableware cups made of plastic

Recreation supplies
・Game of Life
・Mario hockey
・Blackbeard crisis close up
・Playing card
・Punishment game playing card
・Game console (including software)

the expendables
・Glass cleaner
・My pet
・Wiper sheet
  Wet sheet
・Korokoro sheet
・Dishwashing liquid
・Kitchen highter
・Drainage net
・45L garbage bag
・hand soap
・Toilet deodorant spray
・Toilet seat
・Toilet magic ring
・Pipe unice
・Various air fresheners
  -Towel paper
・Toilet Paper
・Wet tissue
・Saran wrap

Cleaning supplies
・Toilet brush

Other equipment
・Battery, various light bulbs
・Extension cord
・Various chargers
・Illumination light
・Various notice laminates