Q. How many months can I make a reservation?

We accept reservations up to 6 months ahead. Please contact us for reservations 6 months or more ahead.

Q. How do I enter and leave the room on the day of use?

Once you have made your reservation, we will provide instructions on entering and leaving the room in an email sent from us.

Q. Please tell me the payment method.

Payment of usage fee will be settled by bank transfer. Basically, payment is made up to the day before use. As there is a statement of rate, transfer destination, please process procedure of transfer within 7 business days after this reservation. In addition, please contact us if the transfer does not meet the due date.

Q. Can I issue a receipt?

In principle, receipts can be issued. However, it will be in the form of mailing a receipt by hand.

Q. When can I enter the venue?

You can enter the room 15 minutes before the reservation time.

Q. Can you change the layout?

We do not accept layout changes. Thank you for yourself. When returning, please return to the current state.

Q. I would like to preview and peruse the venue. Is it possible?

Yes. Is possible. As a rule, introspection is on a reservation basis. Please let us know your desired date and time by email. Depending on reservation status, it may be available. In that case, we will adjust the date and time, etc. Please feel free to contact us.